Four Main Issues to Investigate

The following  are the four issues of  land use and transportation that I will research for six case studies. Ideally, the cities have both commuter-rail and either light rail/ tram or metro transit systems.

1. Land Use: Are there maximum or minimum densities at sites nearest to the major transit stations? Is mixed use the norm or is it a special zone?

2. Traffic: Is there a CEQA transportation checklist equivalent? If so, what are the questions? If not, is the auto traffic generated by the project an issue? How are automobiles on the adjacent streets figured into the analysis of project approvals?

3. Parking: Are there minimum (or maximum) parking requirements and for which land uses under what circumstances? If the project has parking, how is the parking pricing set? For example, do residential units receive a parking space and if so, is there an additional charge for the space? ‘

4. Transit and bike access: Is new transit ridership and demands on transit service evaluated? What are bike and pedestrian access policies pertaining to the project? Is bike infrastructure (including bike parking) required to be built as part of the project? Are there incentives for promoting transit, bike and pedestrian access /circulation?

5. Followup Question. Do the answers to any of these questions vary depending on the proximity of the project to the rail transit stations?


One response to “Four Main Issues to Investigate

  1. Really useful awakening to the opportunities planning creates. I was pleased to read how telephones are used for parking control. And the huge expense San Francisco residents incur compared to the unified transport systems you explored. I’ll talk this up here in Detroit. Keep it coming.

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