Torino Parking & Parking Fees

Existing Public Parking

The GTT operates 50,000 parking spaces in 25 parking garages as well as all of the on-street parking. There are about seven other garages not managed by GTT which provide public parking.

All on-street parking in the central part of the city is controlled; areas that are open for public parking

are marked by blue rectangles while yellow means a restriction of some kind such as bus stop, handicapped parking or taxi.  Parking on-street outside of this  large area is free  and the roadway has no markings.  Where parking spaces are marked blue, a sign  indicates the cost and the time for which you must pay and the time limit, if any.  Fees vary from E 0.65 per hour to E 2.0 per hour and fees are higher the closer to the centro historico and in the ZTL. Residential parking permits are available for those who live surrounded by Blue Zoned on-street parking.

On-street Parking Pricing-Torino

On-street Parking Pricing-Torino

Parking passes can also be bought on a weekly and monthly basis.

All? or most of the parking garages are underground, these cost  E ____ per hour to ___ per hour.  Some parking garages are subscription only while the others are first-come first-served. Not sure who gets to subscribe. There are some tiny surface parking lots tucked in here and there, that also seem to be a combination of free and paid, but these are located outside the historic city center.

GTT and Torino have provided some park and ride lots at its mew metro stations but they haven’t caught on since the city is so small, people who choose to drive apparently will just drive all the way into town.

New payment system: Torino  is the first big Italian city to try a new system that uses cell phones to pay for parking. The following is from the city website, (as translated by me, so don’t quote me).

It is not  necessary to decide before how long to park; vouchers and  tickets are not used

In Turin it is now  possible  to pay for parking  in the  blue zone with a telephone call or with a simple sms.  A technologically advanced   transmits to  the parking- card with the cell phone –  facilitating the parking opertaions  to the all users.  The main advantage of the Telepark (the name of the system) is the fact that it is not  necessary to decide how long you want to park beforehand. Therefore you avoid:

* To pay for time that you do not use;

* Getting parkig tickets for expired time;

* Having to find the parking machine to buy a ticker and needing change or small monety to buy the ticker, or alternativley, buying the ticker in advance.

Turin is the first large town   in Italy to adopt this system of payment of the parking.  The Telepark will be valid for all the 55,000 spaces in the blue zones, subdivided into the  five subareas (A,B,C,D,E) with different  fees.

The mechanism is the use of the “parking card”.  The first step consists in obtaining the  so-called “kit di prova” at a  price of 2.5 euro, through which one can test the service (the cost is therefore entirely spendable in parking).  In the kit in included a card with the ID code that always must be left  visible through the windshield of  the car.

Parking Requirements for New Development

All new development must provide a minimum amount of parking and it is divided into private  and public. Private parking spaces are for the use of that particular development, e.g.  residents or office workers and is typically underground.  Public spaces are given to the city to manage along with all the other parking spaces they manage.  The city would then decide what fee if any is charged to the public. The public parking is to accommodate the visitor type uses to the project site; including shoppers to the commercial areas, visitors to the residents of the building, etc.

The federal government establishes a minimum rate for land uses, regions are allowed to increase this ie establish new minimum , and cities are also permitted to increase the rate. The parking rates in Torino have not changed since 1977, and are essentially the region of Piemonte’s rates.

These parking ratios are coupled with the law that mandates “public open space”, however the public open space is also strictly defined into 4 categories, one of which is “public parking”.

Sample parking ratios are:


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  1. Tell me more about the new cell phone payment system! Curious…

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