Torino’s Big Transportation Project is not just the Metro

So I thought the new metro was the big thing in town. Turns out it is just a small piece. About 4 years ago,  the national railway along Corso Inghilterra (2-3 or more__km)  was undergrounded to accommodate European High Speed Rail into Torino.  The other necessary component to bring High Speed Rail into Torino is to make Stazione Porta Susa the main passenger station instead of Stazione Porta Nuova. This project is currently under construction and involves completely rebuilding the Porta Susa station so that it has multiple levels to accommodate the metro, the existing train lines (local, regional and freight) and the new high speed international trains. Stazione Porta Nuova will remain as a regional train station, but the intercity and international trains will use Stazione Porta Susa

The undergrounding of the railroad tracks permitted a complete redesign of Corso Inghilterra. This  is allowing a major renovation for the neighborhoods that were formerly split by the train tracks.


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