Funiculare- Como

Lago Como also has a funicolare
Connects the town of Lago Como to the town of Bruanate
Began in 1894-
Climbs from 200 meters to 600 meters in 7 minutes, 55% grade
Currently managed by the ATM of Milan,  (not sure how long AMT has managed it)

There are two vehicles and one track, one goes up while one goes down,

they pass each other where the tracks widen out just like Genova, also just like Genova, there is no driver; I was told it’s been automated for 20 years.
The cars had 24 seats,  and the unique /interesting aspect was the slanted loading; off of stairs, essentially, the vehicle was not level.
Price 4.5 E round trip  for me, there is probably a resident passlike there was in Genova.

como to brunante

Como funicular Car

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