Baden-Würtemburg’s Parking Reduction Policies near Transit

The State of Baden- Würtemburg has developed a formula to reduce the amount of required auto parking at new developments based on the number of  “points”  they have:  Thanks to Ina Gerhard, the Baden- Würtemburg policy  has been translated into English below.


To determine the number of parking spaces, proceed as follows:

  1. The location of the building/development project will be assessed based on the availability of/access to public transportation per Table A. An assessment is not done for buildings listed in Table B that are marked with a star. An assessment is also not done for facilities serving persons with mobility impairments.
  1. Criteria Public Transportation (PT)
Points per criterion Distance to PT* Availability of multiple PT lines Headway** PT service characteristics
1 At least one station/stop => 500 m – max 600 m More than one bus/train/tram line Max 15 min Bus service mostly in dedicated ROW
2 At least one station/stop => 300 m – max 500 m More than two bus/train/tram line Max 10 min Tram/ commuter rail
3 At least one station/stop in R = max 300 m More than three bus/train/tram line Max 5 min Rail in exclusive ROW

*Special circumstance that limit accessibility such as rail Row or rivers have to be taken into account.

** Shortest headway of the most reliable service.

Obviously, the maximum number of points that can be reached is 12. Examples follow.

  1. Per Table B, the number of parking spaces is determined based on the type of use and size of the facility. The number can be reduced based on the number of points calculated as described under item 1 above.

Accordingly, the number of required parking spaces is

Less than 4 points = 100% of the spaces as determined per Table B

4 – 6 points = 80% of the spaces as determined per Table B

7 – 9 points = 60% of the spaces as determined per Table B

10 – 11 points = 40% of the spaces as determined per Table B

12 points = 30% of the spaces as determined per Table B

Nr. Traffic generator # of parking spaces
1. Residential facilities 1 parking space per 10 – 15 residents, min 3
1.1 For seniors  
1.2 for persons with disabilities 1 parking space per 10 – 15 residents, min 3
1.3 for kids/juveniles 1 parking space per 20 residents, min 2

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