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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I placed CittaStadt on the blogroll of my new issues-oriented political-plus blog, Colorado Confluence. Colorado Confluence is dedicated to the proposition that it is both possible and imperative to raise the level of public discourse, marginally but continuously, by offering attractive opportunities to become better informed and to participate in more informed and informative discussions about issues relevant to the quality of our lives. Transporation policies are one dimension, which articulates with many others, of such a comprehensive public conversation.

    I hope you will visit Colorado Confluence from time to time, and use it as one more vehicle for continuing to develop our most precious of all natural resources, the one perhaps most underutilized, though one that is improved and increased rather than depleted by utilization: The Human Mind.


    • sure, that is totally fine, and I will try to get familiar with Colorado Confluence as well, although i am just about to go out of town for three weeks (without my laptop)

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